Summer Time News

Hopefully you’ll all be enjoying the summer sun and applying plenty of sun cream; especially those of you who are on a special course of Obagi skin treatments. It has been a while since we wrote our last blog and it’s about time we let you know what’s been happening in the world of Skin Renaissance.

House warming over, or so to speak. We’ve now moved and settled into our lovely premises on Victoria Road in Darlington and we couldn’t be more pleased! With a separate consultation and treatment room, we can offer you plenty of privacy yet still maintaining our tranquil  yet clinical aura. So yes, we did want to host our ‘customer appreciation event’ at the new place (by the way it was a fantastic evening, thank you to everyone that attended) although we wouldn’t have been able to fit you all in there. Instead it was hosted at Vesuvio wine bar, which I’m sure you all preferred as there was plenty of wine and G & T’s flowing.

We’ve decided to scope back where we work from, over the last few months. I’m sure a lot of you will have noticed. Working from fewer places works better for us and I’m sure it works better for our customers, it means we can offer you better times and dates for your treatments! Whether you’re after a free consultation, skin treatments, Botox, fillers or even our new thread lifting, you’ll more than likely find us as our main base in Darlington, Shine Hair & Beauty in Northallerton, Extreme Hair & Beauty in Peterlee or at Glitz & Glam in Catterick.

What a success our latest training has been. The latest advanced techniques with thread lifting, ‘FTC PDO’ has proven to be extremely popular at Skin Renaissance already. Understandably for those of us that aren’t medically qualified, it took some clarification as to what exactly this treatment does; long or short of it (I needed simple terms to understand), the threads are used to lift and tighten the skin. For instance, if you have those lovely bingo wings; add a few threads and voila. Threading can be used almost anywhere on the body, admittedly we have higher demand for the face but that’s not to say we’re not open to enquiries from you! It also lasts rather a long time – seems amazing really.

We all need a rest every now and then and we certainly do. Unfortunately the clinic will be shut from 27th August to 8th September. For those of you wanting to book in (especially if you have any vouchers with a close expiry date) – I’d contact us sooner rather than later.

Skin Renaissance -x-