Treatments for ageing skin

Still confused about what to do?

With lavish adverts promoting the benefits of anti-wrinkle creams in the high street stores and celebrities boasting about their non-surgical treatments, there’s no wonder so many of us are left pondering over the best route to take. Frankly, if you are considering any anti-wrinkle treatments, do your own research. A multi-million pound advert selling you the wonders of a face cream and your friends telling you Botox is the best thing they ever did, doesn’t count as research; we’re sorry to say.

What do we recommend?

Again, don’t take our word for it. This is our opinion (obviously we’ve done our own medical research into the products we believe are the best) but after all, it is our opinion, you’ll need to determine your own. Having said that, we never push any particular treatment on anybody, whether they’re a regular client of ours or somebody who’s never had any aesthetic treatment before. We merely recommend based on the results you want. Before establishing Skin Renaissance, we religiously tried every ‘amazing new formula’ of cream that entered the high street stores. It’s only after we’ve been in the industry and done our research (of course we need to do, we have global brands pitching to us hoping we’ll promote and use their products – we need to get it right) that we realised they are so many amazing products out there.

  • Skin products – believe it or not, there are some fantastic skin products out there and we use them religiously. The only brand we use these days is a medical product called ‘Obagi’ and therefore has to be prescribed by our practitioner. Take a look at our products page or skin treatments page to find out more in-depth information, but it’s tailored for what you’re wanting. Obagi can be a peel, after all we all like a bit of pampering every now and then, or you can buy a skin regime pack that you use at home over a set treatment course. The product range is fantastic, whether you’re looking for something to really make an impact to fully rejuvenate the skin or if you’re younger and wanting the ‘flawless porcelain doll’ kind of look, you can be sure Obagi have it – we’ve received fantastic results ourselves and the feedback from our clients is amazing.
  • Non surgical treatments – if you’re happy with your skin or want to concentrate more on the anti-wrinkle aspect first, possibly treatments such as fillers, botox or thread lifting could be for you. We can’t reiterate enough that all treatments offered at Skin Renaissance are non-permanent and we really work hard to maintain our ethos of ‘subtle facial rejuvenation’. We’re certainly not writing this blog to ‘sell’ any of these treatments and in all honestly, we don’t feel it’s right to promote the good, without the bad, so again, we’ll leave the research to you. The one thing we are really excited about though is the FTC PDO thread lifting (some people do refer to this as the non-surgical facelift) – the results are incredible. This minimally invasive treatment simply lifts the skin, almost anywhere you want; eyebrows, mouth lines, smokers lines, bingo-wings, cheeks, okay so the list is endless and so are the results. Okay maybe not endless, however the lengthy results are incredible.

Any wiser?

Basically, everything we offer at Skin Renaissance, we recommend and we have tried it all ourselves. If anyone can recommend products / services without having being ‘the guinea pig’ before hand please keep asking around until you find someone that has. If we’ve not managed to clear anything up for you or if you’re wanting any further information, please just give us a call or get in touch via email or Facebook and we’ll be more than happy to listen to what you want!