Botox? What’s the big secret?

We’ve all looked at celebrities on TV and immediately turned to our friend and did the ‘smug nod’ to one another, both knowing fine well that that particular celebrity has had Botox – although one thing we can’t deny, is that the majority of them look fantastic! In recent years these celebrities have finally started to admit their secret, and yes we all knew it, they do have Botox.

If we know celebrities are having the treatment and  you even dare admit they look good, why is there such a stigma attached to us ‘normal’ people trying to look just as good – or even just boost our confidence? For a lot of us, mentioning the ‘B Word’ is like the ‘pink elephant in the room’, but when someone finally points it out it’s amazing how many people start talking, and would you believe, there are a lot more people out there considering Botox than you’d think!

The stigma has virtually gone for celebrities, we accept they’ve had Botox as much as we accept they’re likely to be airbrushed on every picture of themselves; so surely the more you talk about it – the smaller the secret will become.

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