Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

After reading a great article by Ron Myers, on the Consulting Room forum, we though we’d take some time to highlight the fact that there are options available for excessive sweating and here at Skin Renaissance, we’re able to help.

“Hyperhidrosis affects an estimated 1 – 2% of the population and is a condition that causes anxiety, embarrassment and even depression.  The symptoms can occur all over the body or localised to specific areas, most frequently the hands, feet, underarms and groin.  The condition may be classified as either focal (primary) hyperhidrosis, which often begins in adolescence and may have a genetic component, or secondary hyperhidrosis, which can start at any age and may be due to a specific disorder or exposure to chemicals.”

Botulinum Toxin

At Skin Renaissance, we offer Botulinum Toxin (Botox) alongside treatment for wrinkles.  “The treatment has the benefits of rapid results with very few side effects, apart from some bleeding and bruising at injections sites.  In terms of efficacy, data suggests that a sweat reduction of 50% or more is observed in 80% of patients.  However, studies have found that it is only effective for an average of seven months, after which the procedure must be repeated.”